Tier 1 Concealed EZ Adjust™ Kit

Tier 1 Concealed EZ Adjust™ Kit

Tier 1 Concealed EZ Adjust™ Kit

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Take advantage of our new patented T1C EZ Adjust™ system with this kit that is available for all of our Inside the Waistband holsters.
Some holsters require light-bearing or non-light bearing specifications so make sure you select the correct option for your holster.

*Disclaimer: Although our new EZ Adjust™ kit works on all Elite models, we cannot guarantee 100% proper fitment and functionality on non-Elite models. 


  • New EZ Adjust clips™ (2)

Our new patented T1C EZ Adjust Clips™ feature:

A redesign that removes and/or strengthens the weak points on our previous clips. 

Our new EZ Adjust™ slider design. No more removing the hardware to make adjustments, now you can just simply loosen the screws, adjust, retighten.

Durable injection spring polymer to give just the right amount of spring in all the right places.

Size 1.75 inches.

With the belt pinch point at the top and the angled belt retent, the belt loop area is specially designed to better secure your belt to the holster.

  • New T1C EZ Adjust Concealment Claw™

The new patented T1C EZ Adjust concealment claws™ are made from a high durability injection polymer with a Hex pattern designed to give more structural integrity to the arm of the claw. 

Along with ambidextrous placement capability, the pressure stacks and arm are all adjustable with a quick loosen and tighten of the hardware. No more removing the hardware and reinstalling everything. Now, simply loosen the screws and slide the arms up and down for a perfect fit. The pressure stacks can also be adjusted by simply adding or removing individual stacks. To be used in conjunction with a maximum of 4 stacks.

NOTE: We DO NOT recommend putting more than 4 pressure stacks on the claw. 

  • Hardware kit. Some gun models will require different hardware posts.
  • Blue thread lock.

Patent Number: US D913,685