Ballistic Dummy Lab Ballistic Torso Slow Motion - 9mm, 10mm, 50ae, .223, 6.5 Creedmoor, 50 BMG

Have you ever wondered what happens to the human body when shot with various projectiles? Me too. That’s what we are going to do today with the Ballistic Dummy Labs ballistic dummy torsos. Unfortunately, we waited a little too long to set this video up and our ballistic dummies began to decay a little bit. We set them upright on stands, one behind the other, in hopes that we could test some “over penetration” potential with the rounds we fired at them. We placed them roughly 5 feet apart.

We decided to start out small, with a subsonic .22lr round fired out of a suppressed CZ 457 rifle. Aiming at the upper chest area of the first torso, no over penetration detected and very minimal damage was noted. It seemed to have deflected slightly off of a rib bone. We sent a second round toward his lower abdomen, trying to avoid any bone mass. This round zipped right through the soft tissue and nearly impacted the second torso standing about 5 feet behind him. Obviously since the gel in these ballistic dummies has aged and we aren't sure how similarly they will react to human flesh when being shot.

Next up, 115 grain full metal jacket 9mm rounds fired out of a Glock 34. Aiming for center mass of the torso, or roughly the “a-zone”. The first round shattered the sternum, but did not penetrate through the torso. We decided to go with a Speer Gold Dot 124 grain +P hollow point round next, fired from the same handgun, this time aiming for the heart area. This round also did not pass through the torso, but you can see it get lodged in the spine area near the back of the torso. 

10mm FMJ is next, and we very much predicted this one to over penetrate in the ballistic dummy. Aiming for the left chest, the 10mm broke a front and rear rib, and passed through completely, clipping the second torso in the armpit area. So far, this one was the most destructive round.

We decide to go with the next obvious choice, the Desert Eagle .50AE hollow point. This round easily penetrated through the first torso and impacted the second torso and made it about half way through the second torso. As expected, this round caused even more damage.

Moving into rifles, we went with a 62 grain green tip .223 round. No surprise here, this one made its way through the first dummy easily, leaving a massive exit wound. And the round definitely impacted the second dummy but doesn't appear to have made it very far into the second dummy. Standard 55 grain FMJ .223 is up next, aiming just under the sternum. Surprisingly this round was stopped by the spine and did not make it out of the first dummy. The 77 grain boat tail hollow point is the next .223 we went with. Aiming for the lower abdomen area, this round zipped right through while removing parts of the spine with it. We noticed a lot of bone and bullet fragments on the second ballistic dummy torso. With the .223 rounds it seems to matter a lot more where the shot placement is exactly. Bones and other densities of tissue can greatly affect the level of penetration.

Moving on to a bolt gun and larger rifle caliber. The Accuracy International AX in 6mm Creedmoor running the Hornady ELD-M round going about 3000 feet per second. This round passed through the lower rib cage area easily, however isn't able to make it into the second dummy. It appears to have lost too much energy after hitting multiple ribs in the first dummy and fragmenting. 

We decided to go with a 6.5 Creedmoor next. This was an exciting round. The exit wound out of the first torso was absolutely devastating. We couldn't tell where the majority of the round ended up, but it did fragment quite a bit and removed some sizable chunks from the back of the first dummy. 

To end the torso portion of this video, we decided to send a 750 grain .50 BMG round. This massive round passed fairly cleanly through the first torso and began to tumble, which caused it to absolutely obliterate the second torso. I mean unrecognizable. This round carried so much speed and energy into the second dummy that it looked like it exploded upon impact. The high speed video footage of this one is incredible.

To wrap up our ballistic dummy tests we decided to shoot the individual dummy heads first with a 6.5 creedmoor round and then a second head with the .50 BMG round. Both were incredibly devastating but the .50 BMG caused some insane damage, sending pieces of skull, brain, and soft tissue over 20 yards away. It appeared that the rounds were able to dump enough energy by impacting hard bone (the skull) first instead of zipping right through soft tissue like it had before in the torsos.

Check out the full video HERE!

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