Axis Elite Vs Agis Elite

Axis Elite Vs Agis Elite

The AXIS and AGIS holsters are Tier 1 Concealed’s two most popular holsters, both of which have seen multiple different variations over the years. As you can see, they are very similar, with really only one difference: the connection point between the gun holster and spare magazine carrier. The AGIS holster uses a flexible connector and button snaps to attach the spare magazine carrier to the holster, the AXIS uses eyelet rivets and shock cord to accomplish that.

Axis Elite Appendix Conceal  Carry Holster

The AXIS holster was originally designed in 2016, shortly after the AGIS holster was released. These were the two holsters that set Tier 1 Concealed apart from the rest in the holster game. The AXIS was a revolutionary holster because it not only allowed for multi-axis flexibility in the holster (like the AGIS) but it also shrunk the overall size of the holster. We were able to utilize an elastic shock cord and rows of eyelet rivets to hold the two holster pieces together securely. The only drawback with this new design was losing the ability to quickly and easily disconnect and reattach the spare magazine carrier to the gun side of the holster. The AXIS holster still has the same ability to separate the two pieces, but it takes a lot more work and time. This new and innovative design caught on very quickly and, as time went on, we were able to continually improve the design to what we have now: the AXIS Elite.

The AGIS holster, however, did not go away, it stayed in production as it remains a very viable option. Like the AXIS, it underwent various generations of improvements. Today, the AGIS Elite gives you all the same options as the original AGIS with so many added improvements. One of the greatest features of the AGIS holster is its ability to break apart into two separate pieces that can be carried together, by themselves, and independently of each other. There are a lot of concealed carriers that like to carry “strong side” (or 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock) as well as appendix. The AGIS can be a great option for them, specifically, because of its ability to have an attached spare magazine carrier or not. There are so many options for carrier position as well as carry configuration with the AGIS holster. Even though it is a slightly larger and wider setup than the AXIS, you can’t discredit all the possible advantages of the AGIS.

Axis Elite Conceal Carry Holster

Aside from the connection method, there are two important considerations that we should talk about. Holster width and end-user body type. The AXIS and AGIS holsters are different widths, which can play into concealment and comfort with different body types. Please keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to comfort and concealed carry. Everyone is built differently and there are literally so many factors that come into play. We have seen that sometimes certain body types prefer the AGIS holster to the AXIS simply due to the wider footprint, and visa versa. If you have a wider hip structure, for example, you might prefer the AGIS as it can distribute the pressure of the holster over a wider surface area and contour better to your body type. This isn't the case for everyone, however. I think it's generally safe to say most people prefer the AXIS holster to the AGIS holster because of the slightly narrower profile, unless they are wanting the quick disconnect features on the AGIS. As always, do your research, ask around, and make the most informed decision you can. 

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