XIPHOS ELITE - The newest member of our ELITE Family

XIPHOS ELITE - The newest member of our ELITE Family

If you’ve been around the firearms industry the last 7 or so years, you will have probably seen a number or Appendix Carry holsters with an attached spare magazine carrier. Appendix Carry hit the holster market pretty heavily in these last few years and most holster companies have tried to capitalize on it. We released our first flexible appendix holster with an attached spare magazine in 2016, which has since seen a number of new iterations and variations. Currently our top selling holsters are the AXIS ELITE and AGIS ELITE, both of which are flexible appendix holsters with an attached spare magazine carrier. We know that not everyone wants or needs an attached spare magazine carrier on their IWB holster. We also knew that it was time to update our XIPHOS V2 holster to follow in the footsteps of the new “ELITE” series. 

What began as a rigid, single belt clip holster, became the flexible and modular XIPHOS ELITE that we know today. This is our newest holster to our IWB lineup and one of the most modular and customizable holsters that we have designed. 

One of the biggest features that sets this holster apart from the XIPHOS V2 is the belt clip placement, allowing for flexibility and added comfort while carrying it. We relocated the belt clips to allow for a more stable foundation on your belt and flexibility to allow the concealment claw to function properly. The concealment claw needs to push against the inside of your belt to better conceal the grip of the firearm, this eliminates printing. This is the standard configuration 


If you want a more narrow setup, or you don’t need the multi-axis flexibility, you can remove the belt clip that came on the hinge, remove that piece as well as the shock cord, and remount the belt clip with the same hardware on either set of holes (the riveted eyelets or the pre-drilled holes in the kydex). This will give you an overall smaller setup, but still allow for great stability and concealment, due to the angles of the belt clips. The three configurations:

  • Tight spread- We added a mounting spot just opposite the concealment claw for those who really liked the smaller platform of the Xiphos V2. But now it's even better! It has a slight angle which aids in the effectiveness of the concealment claw and stacks.
  • Medium spread- This gets you a wider, more secure platform without the flex. It's also stepped back to aid, even more in the effectiveness of the concealment claw and stack.
  • Flexible wing- This is the natural form this holster is meant to be in. You get the Multi-Axis flex center, and all its benefits.

Another huge feature to the XIPHOS ELITE holster is its ability to be carried in the appendix position as well as the 4 o’clock or strong side position. Without the presence of a spare magazine carrier this holster could technically be worn anywhere on your waistband, although it would be best suited for appendix and strong side. 

And, as with all the ELITE holsters, the XIPHOS ELITE comes with all the features and benefits that you would expect from one of our ELITE series holsters. Plus all the high-functioning design attributes you expect from any Tier 1 holster.

  • Strategic gusseting for the inherently weak part of a holster
  • EZ Adjust belt clips and concealment claw
  • T1 re-holster ramp
  • More efficient and easier retention adjustment
  • Shaped specifically to fit the contour of the pelvic area
  • Comes optic and suppressor height sight ready

Check out the website and build out your own XIPHOS ELITE holster, we know that you will love this one! Xiphos-elite 

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