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We teamed up with TraumaPAK on their top-of-the-line, most functional, thought-out med kit and added a few things we would want for our range days and kit carry. 

The exclusive T1C Advanced TraumaPAK Elite Includes:

  • Rip-Away Molle Bag

  • 1 Rated Carabiner

  • 2 x CAT Gen 7 Tourniquets

  • Emergency Elastic Wrap

  • Combat Gauze 12" Z-Fold Combat Gauze

  • Trauma Shears

  • 2 Pack of Chest Seals

  • NAR Pressure Bandage

  • Hypothermia Blanket

  • 2 x Sets of Medical Gloves

  • Mini Duct Tape

  • Black Sharpie

  • Instructional Card

The Advanced TraumaPAK ELITE. Designed from the ground up around the TECC guidelines and made by first responders for first responders. TraumaPAK spent over 2 years developing and perfecting this Traumapak collection. Inspired by Tactical Medics, First Responders, and those with a need to carry an IFAK. This extremely durable TraumaPAK is an upgraded version of the original flagship TraumaPAK. It is made with 1000 Danier Cordura Fabric, is extremely resistant to stains and abrasions, has Duraflex Buckles, YKK water-resistant zippers, and comes standard with two sets of zipper pulls. One for Hi Visibility and One for subdued. It can be mounted around an object with the included strap or on any molle-compatible system. It includes two tourniquet mounts, one on each side of the bag. The bag has a "Rip Away feature" which allows you to pull it away from its mount and have it right where you want it when you need it. The inside of the bag is built around the equipment and is very organized making finding what you need very practical.