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We teamed up with TraumaPAK and came up with the Med Kit loadout that we and others we spend time with can get behind. Designed specifically to fill some needs that are missing in other Medkits on the Market. 

Our T1C Combat TraumaPAK comes ready to hit the field or range with our exclusive content pack.

•1 Combat TraumaPAK

•1 CAT Gen 7 Tourniquet

•Emergency Elastic Wrap

•4' QuickClot Wound Packing Gauze

•Trauma Shears

Twin Pack Vented Chest Seals

•NAR Pressure Bandage

•Hypothermia Blanket

•Medical Gloves

•Mini Duct Tape

•Black Sharpie

•Instructional Card

•Chemlight (Black version only)

Inspired by Special Forces Medics, the shooter community and those with a need to carry medical in a slim profile. This extremely durable TraumaPAK is made with 1000 Danier Cordura Fabric and is extremely resistant to stains and abrasions.
It can be mounted both vertical and horizontal on any molle compatible system
as well as any of your belts up to 2.25" wide utilizing the built-in sleeve on the back. It
includes both a tourniquet mount on one side and another adjustable mount on the
other side (Can be used for larger TQ's or webbing for extraction). It is designed
around TraumaPAKs waterproof kits but will also accept any prepackaged kit measuring
no bigger than 4.5"x 2.25"x9". The contents inside are stored in an extremely
durable, dust-proof military-grade resealable waterproof bag!